2010 North American SOTA day at VA2SG/P

13/Nov/2010 – Thanks to everybody who called me and thanks to all those NA activators who climbed, activated their summits … and activated themselves…

Summit Information for VE2/SG-003 Édouard – 626m, 4 points
Association: Canada(Quebec) Region: Saguenay / Lac St-Jean
Latitude: 48 9 8 N, Longitude: 70 17 5 W

Time Call Band Mode Notes
16:45z DL3JPN 14MHz CW
16:48z HA7UG 14MHz CW
16:48z W0RW 14MHz CW
16:49z G3CWI/P 14MHz CW SOTA G/SP-001
16:52z ND0C 14MHz CW
16:54z N4EX 14MHz CW
16:55z K4QS 14MHz CW
16:56z 9A7W 14MHz CW
17:00z W3BBO 14MHz CW
17:02z WA8REI 14MHz CW
17:03z W7CNL 14MHz CW
17:04z G4OBK 14MHz CW
17:06z 9A4MF 14MHz CW
18:04z VE2PID/P 7MHz CW SOTA VE2/ES-008
18:30z K0ZK 7MHz CW
19:00z VA3SIE/VE2/P 7MHz CW SOTA VE2/LR-002
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