Summits On The Air (SOTA) Amateur Radio activity in the Yorkshire Dales.

SOTA Activations of Ingleborough G/NP-005 and Great Knoutberry Hill G/NP-015 by G1INK.

Summit Information for G/NP-005 Ingleborough – 724m, 6 points
Association: England Region: Northern Pennines
Latitude: 54 9 56 N, Longitude: 2 23 59 W
Grid Reference: SD 741745, QTH Locator: IO84TD

Time Call Band Mode Notes
09:51z HB9AGH 7MHz SSB
09:51z PA3FYG 7MHz SSB
09:52z G0TDM 7MHz SSB
09:52z F6CXJ 7MHz SSB
09:53z G6WRW 7MHz SSB
09:53z DL8YR 7MHz SSB
09:53z GM7AAV/P 7MHz SSB
09:54z DJ0GM/P 7MHz SSB
09:54z PA0WTO 7MHz SSB
09:55z ON4UP 7MHz SSB
09:56z HB9BIN 7MHz SSB
09:57z DK7DV 7MHz SSB
09:57z G1LAT 7MHz SSB
09:58z 2E0CSG 7MHz SSB
09:58z GB0MOG 7MHz SSB
09:59z PA1AT 7MHz SSB
10:00z SM7BUA 7MHz SSB
10:01z HA5CW 7MHz SSB
10:01z OK1CZ 7MHz SSB
10:02z DL4FDM 7MHz SSB
10:02z DF5WA 7MHz SSB
10:03z EI/G4WSB/P 7MHz SSB
10:03z SP3GVX 7MHz SSB
10:04z HB9BQU 7MHz SSB
10:04z 9A7W 7MHz SSB
10:05z G4OBK 7MHz SSB
10:05z ON8BN 7MHz SSB
10:07z OE7PHI 7MHz SSB
10:07z GW0DSP 7MHz SSB
10:07z DL3JPN 7MHz SSB
10:07z DL0IL 7MHz SSB
10:08z DH3RB 7MHz SSB
10:08z G6ODU 7MHz SSB
10:09z DG1NAU 7MHz SSB
10:12z G3RID 7MHz SSB
10:13z G0BNJ 7MHz SSB
10:21z G1OHH 14MHz SSB
10:22z S57TI 14MHz SSB
10:23z G0VOF 14MHz SSB
10:24z 2E0CSG 14MHz SSB
10:25z SV2KGA 14MHz SSB
10:30z G0SXC 28MHz SSB

Summit Information for G/NP-015 Great Knoutberry Hill – 672m, 4 points
Association: England Region: Northern Pennines
Latitude: 54 16 45 N, Longitude: 2 19 38 W
Grid Reference: SD 788871, QTH Locator: IO84UG

Time Call Band Mode Notes
13:45z GM7AAV/P 7MHz SSB
13:49z DL2EF 7MHz SSB
13:50z PA3FYG 7MHz SSB
13:50z HB9AGH 7MHz SSB
13:51z DL2DXA 7MHz SSB
13:52z G1KLZ 7MHz SSB
13:52z DH1UQ 7MHz SSB
13:53z F/G4XDU 7MHz SSB
13:54z F6CXJ 7MHz SSB
13:55z HA5CW 7MHz SSB
13:55z DL3JPN 7MHz SSB
13:56z DL1DVE 7MHz SSB
13:56z G4OBK 7MHz SSB
13:59z EI7GEB 7MHz SSB
14:00z GW0DSP 7MHz SSB
14:01z DK5WL 7MHz SSB
14:02z DD9BT 7MHz SSB
14:04z 2M0BVN 7MHz SSB
14:04z G0VOF 7MHz SSB
14:05z PA7DW 7MHz SSB
14:06z G0RQL 7MHz SSB
14:07z DL8DW 7MHz SSB
14:09z MU0GSY 7MHz SSB
14:10z DF5WA 7MHz SSB
14:11z PA3FEA 7MHz SSB
14:17z SA5X 14MHz SSB
14:18z EA4EED 14MHz SSB
14:20z M0SKA 14MHz SSB
14:21z 2E0CSG 14MHz SSB
14:22z 9A7W 14MHz SSB
14:23z SV2KGA 14MHz SSB
14:24z DJ5AV 14MHz SSB
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