McCurdy Mountian Colorado for Summits on the Air (SOTA)

That hike in to McCurdy Park was brutal …7-miles on a rough trail and with 3200′ of elevation gain! Weather turned freezing cold Friday night on us. Campfire warmed us some but early into the tents kept us toasty. Goat’s water was frozen Sat AM. It was slow getting up and started. Lots of hot drinks to get the day going.

My non-Ham friend Reed decided he’d rather stay at base camp and shoot pix. So finally the goats & I got moving at 11AM for McCurdy Mtn. An hour past my posted time! Our peak was a 7-mi RT mile and 1500′ hike away! You can see from my track we got off course when I dropped the GPS and lost the maps only seeing my breadcrumb trail! Having the book on how to gain the summit was invaluable. There’s only one route up the knob and it’s a 15′ scramble up some easy class-3 rock on the NW side. I was at first on the SW approach. Doh! Found passage once I hiked around the peak’s shoulder. Sweet success ensued! Woohoo! All three goats were a top their goal!

We had a great time on the Summit! Worked 2-EU stations HA7UG & OE50SPW both very loud! Plus made about a dozen on 20m CW/SSB and 6m SSB Q before wrapping it up. I down climbed as the sun set to stunning views! So goats & I got back to base camp just before dark! No headlamp needed! Totally awesome experience! Can’t wait to do it again …and again

Cheers, Steve …wGØAT/R&P

Summit Information for W0/FR-025
McCurdy Mountain – 3709m, 8 points
Association: USA(W0) Region: Northeast CO: Front Range
Latitude: 39 13 10 N, Longitude: 105 28 6 W

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