Sota activation DM/BW-047 Badener Hohe 08-08-2010 by DL/PA1AT/P

08/Aug/2010 – DL/PA1AT/P SOTA pictures and movie, CW QSO with PA0WLB

Summit Information for DM/BW-047 Badener Höhe – 1002m, 10 points
Association: Germany (Low Mountains) Region: Bathe Wuerttemberg
Latitude: 48 40 10 N, Longitude: 8 16 32 E

Time Call Band Mode Notes
12:10z DL6KVA 7MHz CW 7.031 MHz
12:11z DL9UJF 7MHz CW
12:13z G3SCD 7MHz CW
12:15z OK1ZE 7MHz CW
12:16z HB9DAX 7MHz CW
12:17z HA5TI 7MHz CW
12:18z 9A7W 7MHz CW again
12:20z PA0WDG 7MHz CW
12:22z DL3HXX 7MHz CW
12:23z PA3CWG 7MHz CW
12:24z HA5CW 7MHz CW
12:24z IK3GER 7MHz CW
12:25z G4SSH 7MHz CW
12:26z DL2DXA 7MHz CW
12:26z OK1JOC 7MHz CW
12:27z OK1KT 7MHz CW
12:28z DL1HW 7MHz CW
12:29z G4WSX 7MHz CW
12:31z DL9UAC/P 7MHz SSB on Summit: DM/SX-041
12:34z OE5EIN/P 7MHz SSB on Summit: OE/OO-295
12:43z G4SSH 10MHz CW also here
12:44z G4RQJ/P 10MHz CW on Summit: G/NP-009
12:47z G4ELZ 10MHz CW
12:47z 9A4MF 10MHz CW
12:48z HA1AG 10MHz CW
12:49z SM7HVQ 10MHz CW
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