W1/GM-001 Mt. Mansfield SOTA Activation

Date: 10th October 2010
Activators: Martin, VA3SIE + XYL Fariba.
Band: 20m CW.
Link to personal website: http://www.va3sie.com/blog/sota/2010/11/07/2-sota-activations-in-vermont-gm-001-gm-011/

October 10th 2010, Fariba and Martin VA3SIE hiked along the ridge line from the ‘Nose’ to the ‘Chin’, the summit of Mt. Mansfield and activated it for Summits on the Air.

Summit Information for W1/GM-001
Mount Mansfield – 1339m, 10 points
Association: USA(W1) Region: Green Mountains
Latitude: 44 32 38 N, Longitude: 72 48 52 W

Time Call Band Mode Notes
16:00z WG0AT 14MHz CW RST 339 into CO
16:10z VE2JCW 14MHz CW Did not come back after 1st over?
16:10z N4KGL/4 14MHz CW Greg in GA, RST 579 both ways.
16:30z VA6FUN 14MHz CW Sent RST 599 Got RST 449 – QRG off 600Hz.
16:40z K9CJM 14MHz CW In WI, Sent RST 579 Got RST 589
16:45z WA2USA 14MHz CW Dennis in IN, Sent RST 599, Got RST 559.
16:50z 9A7W 14MHz CW Sent RST 599, Got RST 579.
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