VA3SIE & VE2JCW SOTA Activation of Mont Tremblant

Date: 13th November 2010
Activators: Martin, VA3SIE + Jean, VE2JCW.
Band: 40m/20m/15m CW.
Link to personal website:

For Summits on the Air – North American Weekend, Jean VE2JCW and Martin VA3SIE activated summit number VE2/LR-002 Mont Tremblant, QC. This is their story… Music is ‘Ashes and Snow (Cosmo Mix) by Ken Peel. See Used with permission.

Summit Information for VE2/LR-002 Tremblant – 968m, 8 points
Association: Canada(Quebec) Region: Laurentides
Latitude: 48 16 1 N, Longitude: 74 34 59 W


Time Call Band Mode Notes
16:50z VA2BBW 7MHz CW Great 599 signal!
17:10z WA8REI 7MHz CW Grrrrr!!
17:30z K4QS 7MHz CW 599 signal – FB
17:40z N4CU 7MHz CW 5W in PA, FB QRP.
17:57z N4EX 7MHz CW Rich, 5W.
18:00z NE1SJ 7MHz CW S2S W1/CR-003 Yay!
18:10z WA2USA 7MHz CW Some QSB for me?
18:20z WB8YYY 7MHz CW Curtis
18:30z VA2NB 7MHz CW Power out @ Cottage
18:37z KE4RUN/QRP 14MHz CW Nice 2 X QRP
18:50z VA3UMP 7MHz CW Grrr! Got me a bear!
18:58z W7CNL 14MHz CW 2 X QRP, John in ID.
19:00z VA2SG/P 7MHz CW S2S VE2/SG-003 Yay!
19:15z WG0AT/P 21MHz CW Using Jean’s (fast!) keyer
19:30z KC5UN 14MHz CW Weak, Tom in AL.
19:50z W3FF 14MHz CW Budd in CA (Buddipole Inventor)


Time Call Band Mode Notes
17:00z N4EX 14MHz CW
17:04z W7CNL 14MHz CW
17:06z G3VXJ 14MHz CW
17:08z 9A7W 14MHz CW
17:09z DL5WW 14MHz CW
17:12z K4QS 14MHz CW
17:15z WA2USA 14MHz CW
17:17z ND0C 14MHz CW
17:18z G4OBK 14MHz CW
17:20z HA1AG 14MHz CW
17:23z HB9CMI 14MHz CW
17:24z 9A4MF 14MHz CW
17:30z F5SQA 14MHz CW
17:31z K5KJ 14MHz CW
17:32z OE50SPW 14MHz CW
17:34z VE2PID 14MHz CW S2S ๐Ÿ™‚
17:35z WA8REI 14MHz CW Grrrr!
17:36z OK1CZ 14MHz CW
17:37z HA7UG 14MHz CW
17:38z W9PRD 14MHz CW
17:39z WA9PWP 14MHz CW
17:41z DL8YR 14MHz CW
17:45z KM6NN 14MHz CW
17:46z DL3JPN 14MHz CW
17:49z G3WPF 14MHz CW
17:52z KC8GTX 14MHz CW
17:56z VE2PID 14MHz CW S2S
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