G0VQW SOTA activation

9th January 2011 saw my first SOTA (Summits on the air) activation.The weather turned nasty.But both myself and Bill G4WSB managed to activate Black mountain GW/SW041 and Wentwood GW/SW 033. It was wonderful to operate in such remote locations where there is ZERO noise!An experience to be repeated again and again!
It was fun to work the pileups and be “On the hot end”. My first QSO was with Roy G4SSH who was the UK’s Chief Morse examiner…I couldn’t have wished for a better choice of first QSO partner as I operate CW almost exclusively. Now I’m off to plan my next expedition.

73 Sandy G0VQW

Summit Information for GW/SW-033 Wentwood – 309m, 1 point
Association: Wales Region: South Wales
Latitude: 51 38 40 N, Longitude: 2 51 10 W
Grid Reference: ST 411943, QTH Locator: IO81NP

Time Call Band Mode Notes
15:15z LX1NO 7MHz CW
15:17z DL6KVA 7MHz CW
15:19z G6EN 7MHz CW
15:20z DL3JPN 7MHz CW
15:21z DF5MC/P 7MHz CW dl/am 104
15:22z DG0DK 7MHz CW
15:22z S51ZG 7MHz CW
15:24z PA0WDG 7MHz CW
15:25z HA7UG 7MHz CW
15:25z HB0BGV 7MHz CW
15:27z G4SSH 7MHz CW
15:27z G0NUP 7MHz CW
15:29z HB9BIN 7MHz CW
15:30z HA5CW 7MHz CW
15:30z HB9BAB 7MHz CW
15:31z OK1CZ 7MHz CW
15:31z DL6UHA 7MHz CW
15:31z HB9BHW 7MHz CW
15:32z G4OOE 7MHz CW
15:32z DF5WA 7MHz CW
15:34z G3WPF 7MHz CW
15:34z DL4FDM 7MHz CW
15:34z HB9CLT 7MHz CW
15:36z DL1DVE 7MHz CW
15:36z DL6UNF 7MHz CW
15:37z DL3BRA 7MHz CW
15:38z HA5TI 7MHz CW
15:39z OK2QA 7MHz CW
15:40z S51XT 7MHz CW
15:40z HB9BHW 7MHz CW
15:41z F6GCT/QRP 7MHz CW
15:42z I3VAD 7MHz CW
15:42z HB9MKV 7MHz CW
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