SOTA Aktivacija S5-TK012-18.12.2010 S52RR/P

Activation of SOTA summit S5/TK-012 Kuk by S52RR/p op. Roman Jazbec.

AKTIVACIJA 18.12.2010
Aktivator : S52RR/p op. Roman Jazbec QTH Kobarid – Si
Tx/Rx: KENWOOD TR-9130 2m all mode
Antena: 4 el.biband Yagi

Summit Information for S5/TK-012 Kuk – 1243m, 6 points
Association: Slovenia Region: Trnovski gozd, Idrijsko hribovje, Kambre?ko
Latitude: 46 11 44 N, Longitude: 13 37 11 E
QTH Locator: JN66TE

Time Call Band Mode Notes
14:54z S51ZG 144MHz FM
14:56z S56IHX 144MHz FM
15:00z S53XX 144MHz FM
15:02z S57ILF 144MHz FM
15:03z S57KLA 144MHz FM
15:24z S52KT 144MHz FM
15:25z S57NTI 144MHz FM
15:26z S57ET 144MHz FM
15:30z S57PZ 144MHz FM
15:31z S53DGM 144MHz FM
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1 Response to SOTA Aktivacija S5-TK012-18.12.2010 S52RR/P

  1. ROMAN JAZBEC says:

    I have many beautifuly video SOTA activations for future.

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