2E0FSR/P – G/SP-005 Pendle Hill – 2nd Jan 2011

Chris 2E0FSR with Neil M3UNG/P SOTA activation of G/SP-005 Pendle Hill on 2nd January 2011

Summit Information for G/SP-005 Pendle Hill – 557m, 2 points
Association: England Region: Southern Pennines
Latitude: 53 52 6 N, Longitude: 2 17 59 W
Grid Reference: SD 804414, QTH Locator: IO83UU

Chris’ webpage – http://www.qsl.net/2e0fsr/

2E0FSR/P Log:

Time Call Band Mode Notes
12:24z 2E0RXX/P 144MHz SSB Greg on SP-013
12:28z 2E0YYY/P 144MHz FM Mike on SP-001
12:32z G1JTD/P 144MHz FM Richard on NP-008
12:42z 2E0MIX/P 144MHz FM Derek on LD-006
13:00z 2E0BTR/P 144MHz SSB Geoff on WB-012
13:12z M0CGH/P 144MHz SSB Colin on NP-028
13:17z G6MZX 144MHz SSB Geoff
13:23z G8HXE/P 144MHz SSB Keith on SP-004
13:26z G6GGP/P 144MHz SSB Paul on WB-005
13:35z G4OWG 144MHz FM Roger
13:36z G0VOF 144MHz FM Mark
13:37z G1STQ/P 144MHz FM John on SP-001
13:38z 2E0WJC 144MHz FM Billy
13:39z M0MDA 144MHz FM Mick
13:40z M6MDG 144MHz FM Dave
13:41z G4JNN 144MHz FM Paul

M3UNG/P Log:

Time Call Band Mode Notes
12:26z 2EORXX/P 144MHz SSB GREG ON SP013
12:27z 2EOYYY/P 144MHz FM MIKE ON SP001
12:32z G1JTD/P 144MHz FM RICHARD ON NP008
12:45z 2E0MIX/P 144MHz FM DEREK ON LD006
13:03z 2E0BTR/P 144MHz SSB GEOFF ON WB012
13:10z M0CGH/P 144MHz SSB COLIN NP028
13:22z G8HXE/P 144MHz SSB KEITH ON SP004
13:25z G6GGO/P 144MHz SSB PAUL ON WB005
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