F/CR-198 (Tête du Grand Puech) – FFF-116 (Chaîne de l’Etoile – Massif du Garlaban)

Activité du 12/11/2010

Activation of SOTA summit F/CR-198 Tête du Grand Puech by Roger F5LKW and Maya, also for World Flora and Fauna FFF-116 (Chaîne de l’Etoile – Massif du Garlaban) on 12th November 2010.

Summit Information for F/CR-198 Tête du Grand Puech – 781m, 1 point
Association: France Region: Côtes-du-Rhône
Latitude: 43 24 26 N, Longitude: 5 30 53 E

F5LKW/P Log:

Time Call Band Mode Notes
09:51z DL7VKD 14MHz CW
09:52z OH3GZ 14MHz CW
09:55z OH3OJ 14MHz CW
09:55z UR5TKM 14MHz CW
09:57z I7PXV 14MHz CW
09:59z YU3A 14MHz CW
10:00z YT3RX 14MHz CW
10:00z EA1DR 14MHz CW
10:03z HA5CW 14MHz CW
10:04z YT2RX 14MHz CW
10:05z SP9ODY 14MHz CW
10:06z HA0IH 14MHz CW
10:07z SP9BGL 14MHz CW
10:08z 4X4JU 14MHz CW
10:10z HA5BSW 14MHz CW
10:10z SQ5STN 14MHz CW
10:11z RA3CQ 14MHz CW
10:12z SP6DX 14MHz CW
10:15z YL2CZ 14MHz CW
10:15z SP9EWM 14MHz CW
10:17z DK2AI 14MHz CW
10:18z YL2CA 14MHz CW
10:18z EU2MM 14MHz CW
10:19z SM6CMU 14MHz CW
10:20z RA3QSY 14MHz CW
10:22z LZ1CF 14MHz CW
10:23z YU0NS 14MHz CW
10:25z DK4RM 14MHz CW
10:26z G3WPF 14MHz CW
10:27z DL2JIM 14MHz CW
10:28z SP9APK 14MHz CW
10:30z DF6EX 14MHz CW
10:31z RX3AGD 14MHz CW
10:32z OZ4RT 14MHz CW
10:33z 9A4W 14MHz CW
10:34z OM3YCA 14MHz CW
10:35z G4OBK 14MHz CW
10:36z SP2AOB 14MHz CW
10:37z LY2PCN 14MHz CW
10:38z S52KM 14MHz CW
10:40z UU2JQ 14MHz CW
10:41z 9A3NM 14MHz CW
10:41z RV1CT 14MHz CW
10:42z DL2JES 14MHz CW
10:43z LZ3SM 14MHz CW
10:45z ES1IP 14MHz CW
10:46z R9AB 14MHz CW
10:47z RW3XZ 14MHz CW
10:48z 9A1DX 14MHz CW
10:48z SP2SWI 14MHz CW
10:50z OK2BC 14MHz CW
10:51z YO4ASG 14MHz CW
10:52z HA7UG 14MHz CW
10:53z OK1APV 14MHz CW
10:54z 9A2JG 14MHz CW
10:55z EI7CC 14MHz CW
10:58z LZ1SMX 14MHz CW
10:59z DL3HXX 14MHz CW
11:00z LZ1YW 14MHz CW
11:01z SM5APS 14MHz CW
11:02z SK5PZ 14MHz CW
11:04z UY9IF 14MHz CW
11:04z HA5WG 14MHz CW
11:06z RX9WN 14MHz CW
11:08z DL1CL 14MHz CW
11:09z GW0DSP 14MHz CW
11:10z UU5WW 14MHz CW
11:11z RA1OW 14MHz CW
11:13z G4SSH 14MHz CW
11:13z UR5TKM 14MHz CW
11:14z YL2CV 14MHz CW
11:15z 2E0OOOO 14MHz CW
11:17z YO3JW 14MHz CW
11:18z UP9CBR 14MHz CW
11:19z DL2HWI 14MHz CW
11:20z DL2HRT 14MHz CW
11:21z G0NUP 14MHz CW
11:22z HA6OB 14MHz CW
11:23z OM7OM 14MHz CW
11:29z SM5CNQ 14MHz CW
11:35z UX7VA 10MHz CW
11:36z G0TDM 10MHz CW
11:37z DL1FU 10MHz CW
11:38z F5SQA 10MHz CW
11:40z F5JKK/QRP 10MHz CW
11:41z OE7PHI 10MHz CW
11:42z 9A7W 10MHz CW
11:43z DL2EF 10MHz CW
11:44z OE6WIG 10MHz CW
11:45z HA5WG 10MHz CW
11:46z OE50SPW 10MHz CW
11:47z F5AKL 10MHz CW
11:49z 9A2JG 10MHz CW
11:50z DL3JPN 10MHz CW
11:51z F5NEP 10MHz CW
11:52z ON5QRP 10MHz CW
11:54z DK5WL 10MHz CW
11:55z LA8WF 10MHz CW
11:57z G4WSX 10MHz CW
11:58z G3VXJ 10MHz CW
12:00z DL7RAG 10MHz CW
12:01z IZ6FCK 10MHz CW
12:03z SP2AOB 10MHz CW
12:04z SP9UPK 10MHz CW
12:04z DL7UKA 10MHz CW
12:07z ON7RN 10MHz CW
12:09z OM3YCA 10MHz CW
12:11z I5FLN 10MHz CW
12:13z DK4RM 10MHz CW
12:15z DF1YQ 10MHz CW
12:16z S51ZG 10MHz CW
12:17z F6COW 10MHz CW
12:19z YU3A 10MHz CW
12:19z EA3GHZ 10MHz CW
12:21z SP8AJK 10MHz CW
12:23z DL8HK 10MHz CW
12:25z PA0SKP 10MHz CW
12:25z UX1IH 10MHz CW
12:27z HA0LG 10MHz CW
12:28z 9A3SM 10MHz CW
12:29z DL1FBR 10MHz CW
12:30z 9A1AKL 10MHz CW
12:32z S57AX 10MHz CW
12:33z OM3CHR 10MHz CW
12:34z DJ5AV 10MHz CW
12:35z 9A2AA 10MHz CW
12:38z ON4CCN 10MHz CW
12:39z 9A2HF 10MHz CW
12:41z OZ8SW 10MHz CW
12:42z SP5TZC 10MHz CW
12:44z G0NUP 10MHz CW
12:45z UW2ZM 10MHz CW
12:47z OK1HCG 10MHz CW
12:50z GI4SRQ 10MHz CW
12:52z S58MU 10MHz CW
12:54z DC7CCC/P 10MHz CW
12:58z PA1AT 10MHz CW
13:00z G3YMC 10MHz CW
13:02z SE6Y 10MHz CW
13:25z F5JKK/QRP 7MHz CW
13:25z F6FTB 7MHz CW
13:26z I1GZG 7MHz CW
13:28z HB9AGH 7MHz CW
13:30z HB9BIN 7MHz CW
13:40z F5APG 144MHz FM
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