F/PO-250 Eltzarruzé – F5UKL

Andre F5UKL has some nice SOTA videos hosted on Vimeo. The latest is from his activation of F/PO-250 Eltzarruzé on 10th January 2010.

Summit Information for F/PO-250 Eltzarruzé – 420m, 1 point
Association: France Region: Pyrénées Ouest
Latitude: 43 19 26 N, Longitude: 1 11 31 W

See the rest of Andre’s videos here http://www.vimeo.com/f5ukl

Andre’s website – http://f5ukl.free.fr/

F5UKL Log:

Time Call Band Mode Notes
09:13z F5SQA 7MHz CW
09:14z DJ5AV 7MHz CW
09:15z DL1FU 7MHz CW
09:16z HB9AGH 7MHz CW
09:18z ON4CAP 7MHz CW
09:19z ON4BB 7MHz CW
09:20z DL6UNF 7MHz CW
09:21z ON3ND 7MHz CW
09:23z HA7UL/P 7MHz CW
09:25z ON5QRP 7MHz CW
09:25z S51ZG 7MHz CW
09:27z PA0WDG 7MHz CW
09:28z GM0UDL 7MHz CW
09:28z F8FKK 7MHz CW
09:30z IK3DRO 7MHz CW
09:32z G4WSX 7MHz CW
09:33z G4ZIB 7MHz CW
09:35z G4OOE 7MHz CW
09:35z EA5FTE 7MHz CW
09:36z F5IL 7MHz CW
09:38z G0NUP 7MHz CW
09:39z HB9CGA 7MHz CW
09:40z DL2EF 7MHz CW
09:41z OE7PHI 7MHz CW
09:42z E77O 7MHz CW
09:44z SM6CMU 7MHz CW
09:45z G0BPU 7MHz CW
09:45z I3VAD 7MHz CW
09:46z HB9DAX 7MHz CW
09:48z HB9CKV 7MHz CW
09:54z PA0WDG 10MHz CW
09:55z G4WSX 10MHz CW
09:56z HB9APF 10MHz CW
09:57z DL4FCK 10MHz CW
09:58z G0TDM 10MHz CW
10:00z HB9CKV 10MHz CW
10:01z DL3HXX 10MHz CW
10:02z EI7CC 10MHz CW
10:04z F5JKK/QRP 10MHz CW
10:06z ON4CAP 10MHz CW
10:07z GM0AXY 10MHz CW
10:08z DK5WL 10MHz CW
10:10z G3OHC 10MHz CW
10:11z HB9MKV 10MHz CW
10:13z IZ6FCK 10MHz CW
10:14z HA7UG 10MHz CW
10:15z HA5CW 10MHz CW
10:17z I3VAD 10MHz CW
10:18z DL8YR 10MHz CW
10:19z OZ4RT 10MHz CW
10:20z DL6UNF 10MHz CW
10:21z G4WSB 10MHz CW
10:27z PA0WDG 14MHz CW
10:28z G0TDM 14MHz CW
10:30z DL6UNF 14MHz CW
10:31z G4OOE 14MHz CW
10:32z IZ6FCK 14MHz CW
10:33z PA0WLB 14MHz CW
10:35z EI2CL 14MHz CW
10:36z GI4SRQ 14MHz CW
10:38z G3WPF 14MHz CW
10:50z SP5ARP 18MHz CW
10:53z 9A2QP 18MHz CW
10:54z G0TDM 18MHz CW
10:57z GM4FAM 18MHz CW
11:09z UR5FEL 21MHz CW
11:10z SP4NKU 21MHz CW
11:11z HA0MO 21MHz CW
11:14z UA2FT 21MHz CW
11:16z RV3LO 21MHz CW
11:56z G4SSH 18MHz CW
11:57z DL2HWI 18MHz CW
11:59z DL3HXX 18MHz CW
12:00z Z35M 18MHz CW
12:02z R9XM 18MHz CW
12:03z OK1JMP 18MHz CW
12:05z LZ1HW/2 18MHz CW
12:06z HA5TI 18MHz CW
12:10z DF5WA 14MHz CW
12:13z G4SSH 14MHz CW
12:15z HA5CW 14MHz CW
12:19z HB9AGO 7MHz CW
12:20z HB9BHW 7MHz CW
12:21z F5AKL 7MHz CW
12:24z HB9AAQ 7MHz CW
12:25z EA1DFP 7MHz CW
12:26z G3RDQ 7MHz CW
12:27z S57AX 7MHz CW
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