SOTA: F/CR-254 (Montagne de la Canaille) – WFF: FFF-123 (Cap canaille – Natura 2000)

Activité du 30/11/2010

Activation of SOTA summit F/CR-254 Montagne de la Canaille by Roger F5LKW and Maya, also for World Flora and Fauna FFF-123 (Cap canaille – Natura 2000) on 30th November 2010.

Summit Information for F/CR-254 Montagne de la Canaille – 394m, 1 point
Association: France Region: Côtes-du-Rhône
Latitude: 43 10 58 N, Longitude: 5 34 5 E

F5LKW/P Log:

Time Call Band Mode Notes
09:09z UT7FO 14MHz CW
09:10z DL6UNF 14MHz CW
09:15z LZ2QQ 14MHz CW
09:18z HA7UG/QRP 14MHz CW
09:22z G0TDM 14MHz CW
09:23z DK4RM 14MHz CW
09:25z UV5ERY 14MHz CW
09:26z SP2AOB 14MHz CW
09:28z OH3BHL 14MHz CW
09:32z UA3YDH 14MHz CW
09:35z UT3IB 14MHz CW
09:36z DF6EX 14MHz CW
09:37z HA7UW 14MHz CW
09:38z 9A4OE 14MHz CW
09:39z G3WPF 14MHz CW
09:40z ON4ON 14MHz CW
09:42z DL2RVL 14MHz CW
09:43z SP6LK 14MHz CW
09:45z G4SSH 14MHz CW
09:46z G0NUP 14MHz CW
09:47z OK1CZ 14MHz CW
09:48z PA0HRM 14MHz CW
09:50z HA5CW 14MHz CW
09:52z LZ4SF 14MHz CW
09:53z SP2SWI 14MHz CW
09:54z SM7GUY 14MHz CW
09:56z I5FLN 14MHz CW
09:57z UX1BZ 14MHz CW
09:58z 9A2SY 14MHz CW
09:59z HA6OB 14MHz CW
10:00z UX2IQ 14MHz CW
10:02z ON4CAP 14MHz CW
10:03z RA1OW 14MHz CW
10:05z UX1IM 14MHz CW
10:06z SP5KCR 14MHz CW
10:07z G4CMQ 14MHz CW
10:08z OK1APV 14MHz CW
10:10z SM5CNQ 14MHz CW
10:11z G0BPU 14MHz CW
10:14z YO6EZ 14MHz CW
10:16z G3RDQ 14MHz CW
10:18z G4WSB 14MHz CW
10:19z HA2MI 14MHz CW
10:20z G4OBK 14MHz CW
10:21z RA6YJ 14MHz CW
10:24z OM3LL 14MHz CW
10:27z IZ6FCK 14MHz CW
10:32z F5JKK/QRP 10MHz CW
10:34z IZ6FCK 10MHz CW
10:35z G3YMC 10MHz CW
10:36z ON5QRP 10MHz CW
10:38z HB9AGH 10MHz CW
10:39z G4WSB 10MHz CW
10:40z ON4CAP 10MHz CW
10:41z OE7PHI 10MHz CW
10:43z SP9FKQ 10MHz CW
10:44z DL1FU 10MHz CW
10:45z G0TDM 10MHz CW
10:47z HB9CGA 10MHz CW
10:49z F5UKL/QRP 10MHz CW
10:50z SP2AOB 10MHz CW
10:51z G0NUP 10MHz CW
10:52z G3OHC 10MHz CW
10:53z PA9CW 10MHz CW
10:55z E77O 10MHz CW
10:56z G3RMD 10MHz CW
10:57z DL5KMS 10MHz CW
10:58z G4WSX 10MHz CW
11:00z SP9SVG 10MHz CW
11:03z DJ7BA 10MHz CW
11:04z LX/ON5QRP/P 10MHz CW LXFF-040
11:07z DK5WL 10MHz CW
11:08z OK1ZE 10MHz CW
11:10z DF1YQ 10MHz CW
11:11z M0CYR 10MHz CW
11:12z DL3BRA 10MHz CW
11:14z IV3EAD 10MHz CW
11:18z G3VQO 10MHz CW
12:01z F6HBI/P 7MHz CW F/AM-656
12:07z G3VXJ 7MHz CW
12:08z S51ZG 7MHz CW
12:09z F5JKK/QRP 7MHz CW
12:10z F5SQA 7MHz CW
12:12z OE6WIG 7MHz CW
12:12z ON4CAP 7MHz CW
12:14z DF9GH/QRP 7MHz CW


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