Activation of G/SP-001 Kinder Scout-2E0LAE

Activation of G/SP-001 Kinder Scout by Tony 2E0LAE/P on 21st January 2011 approaching the summit from Edale via the Pennine Way and Jacob’s Ladder.

Summit Information for G/SP-001 Kinder Scout – 636m, 4 points
Association: England Region: Southern Pennines
Latitude: 53 23 3 N, Longitude: 1 52 20 W
Grid Reference: SK 084875, QTH Locator: IO93BJ

Time Call Band Mode Notes
13:15z GW7AAV 433MHz FM Steve 5-9 to me tnx for 5-1 great 70cm qso 73
13:27z MW0JVW/M 433MHz FM John mobile in Wrexham tnx for 5-2 73
13:33z G0AMU/M 144MHz FM Lee tnx for 4-4 from Macclesfield 73
13:35z M3UHG 144MHz FM Bob in Skem tnx for no4 and 4-2 73
13:50z GW3RIB 144MHz FM tnx for 5-2 with you 5-7 73
14:05z G6GVI 70MHz FM Ross tnx for 5-5 both ways 73
14:10z G1INK/P 70MHz FM S2S with Steve on SP-004 5-9 both ways 73
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3 Responses to Activation of G/SP-001 Kinder Scout-2E0LAE

  1. GW7AAV says:

    Thanks for the summit on 70cms Tony. Nice to be first in the log. Heard you on 4m talking to Steve and Ross, but you were just squelch noise. Steve was 5/9 but I never heard him again after until he popped up on 5MHz and I worked him there. I must get the 4m antenna higher.

  2. Tony 2E0lae says:

    Hi Steve, good to work you from there on 70cm’s

    in your description above you have the year wrong on the date of activity??
    could you change it to 2011 please?



  3. GW7AAV says:

    Sorry! Tony this time travelling messes with your head. 2011 it is.

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