Formigueiros: SOTA EA1/LU-002

EC1CW/P (Diego) Expedition to Formigueiros for the Summits On The Air programme 16th December 2010. Before getting to Formigueiros we climbed to Teso das Papoulas (1603m) from which we saw the access to Formigueiros.

Summit Information for EA1/LU-002 Formigueiros – 1639m, 8 points
Association: Spain (North West) Region: Lugo
Latitude: 42 36 20 N, Longitude: 7 5 57 W

Time Call Band Mode Notes
15:11z OE6ECG 14MHz SSB Mike, Graz.
15:20z 2M0ONW 14MHz SSB Kevin.
15:38z DG7LAL 14MHz SSB
15:40z IK6CWQ 14MHz SSB
15:54z EA1AQ 14MHz SSB Juan.
16:13z K8CW 18MHz SSB
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