Actividad SOTA en EA4/GU-007 Alto Rey EA4WT – 16 Jan 2011.

Summit Information for EA4/GU-007 Alto Rey – 1844m, 8 points
Association: Spain (Center – EA4) Region: GUADALAJARA
Latitude: 41 10 1 N, Longitude: 3 3 14 W

Time Call Band Mode Notes
08:24z EA7IZX 7MHz SSB
08:26z EA5HVH 7MHz SSB
08:26z IK1GPG 7MHz SSB
08:26z EA1DFP 7MHz SSB
08:26z EA7DLA 7MHz SSB
08:26z EA8YT 7MHz SSB
08:26z EA7SJ 7MHz SSB
08:28z EA7BNL 7MHz SSB
08:28z EA1FG 7MHz SSB
08:29z EA9PD 7MHz SSB
08:30z EA7IE 7MHz SSB
08:30z EA7ANK 7MHz SSB
08:30z EA7FQS 7MHz SSB
08:30z EA7KC 7MHz SSB
08:30z EC7ZL 7MHz SSB
08:31z EA7NC 7MHz SSB
08:31z EA7HMT 7MHz SSB
08:31z EA7VG 7MHz SSB
08:31z EA9PY 7MHz SSB
08:32z EA5TOM 7MHz SSB
08:32z EA5ADM 7MHz SSB
08:32z EA4VO 7MHz SSB
08:33z EA7APF 7MHz SSB
08:35z EA1BKO 7MHz SSB
08:35z EA3TE 7MHz SSB
08:36z EA6AIF 7MHz SSB
08:36z EA7IZZ 7MHz SSB
08:36z EA8TJ 7MHz SSB
08:37z EA1AJV 7MHz SSB
08:37z EA3BIP 7MHz SSB
08:37z EA3AG 7MHz SSB
08:37z EA5HT 7MHz SSB
08:37z EA7HMK 7MHz SSB
08:48z EA4FFI 433MHz FM
08:48z EA4FRR 433MHz FM
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