W2/GC-001 Slide Mtn NY – Winter SOTA activation

K2FR – January 8th, Snowshoe Hike up Slide mountain in the Catskill region of New York.

A very cold day with a fairly good snow shoe hike.

Terrible editing on my behalf… It was literally 15 degree’s most of the hike and I was frozen. I did not get enough footage to spruce the video up so its just to the point.. Mountaintop + Contact = SOTA Summits on the air!

Give the date, This activation falls under a Winter Activation which awards on top of the 10 points for the regular activation an additional 3 points, so 13 points for 1 summit activation.. Not bad!

Thanks for those few souls on 146.520 listening in. I couldn’t bear the idea of snow shoeing with all my HF gear and batteries.. My time at the top was spent quickly heating up food and water to revitalize .. making my few contacts and starting my decent. The summit is not the place to be on a 15 degree day for very long.

Summit Information for W2/GC-001 Slide Mountain – 1277m, 10 points
Association: USA(W2) Region: Greater Catskills
Latitude: 41 59 57 N, Longitude: 74 23 10 W

Time Call Band Mode Notes
15:30z N2TEH 144MHz FM
15:35z N2NET 144MHz FM
15:40z K2WG 144MHz FM
15:45z KC2VTJ 144MHz FM
15:50z K2NET 144MHz FM
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