W2/OE5EEP on W2/GC-011 Huntersfield Mountain

W2/OE5EEP wraps up his operation on W2/GC-011 and shows his gear.

Summit Information for W2/GC-011 Huntersfield Mountain – 1043m, 6 points
Association: USA(W2) Region: Greater Catskills
Latitude: 42 21 20 N, Longitude: 74 20 48 W

N2YTF/P Log:

Time Call Band Mode Notes
21:03z CT3BD 14MHZ SSB Maderia Island, 6, 0
21:13z KC2EUS 144MHZ SSB Andrew head of W2…about 30 miles away and 59+ signals, ,
21:39z G4OBK 14MHZ SSB he was 659 I was 56 .This contact seemed to touch off a bunch of contacts…Heinz OE5EEP also worked him, ,
21:44z HA7UG 14MHZ SSB Good to see another regular in my log! Thanks!, ,
21:45z GW4BVE 14MHZ SSB he was 59 I got a 57, ,
21:48z GM7UAU 14MHZ SSB I was 45 he was 50 with much qsb, ,
21:50z OX3MC 14MHZ SSB GREENLAND….I WORKED GREENLAND! he was 59 I received 43, ,
21:52z IZ5JMZ 14MHZ SSB 59/59, ,
21:55z ON4LN 14MHZ SSB 55-sent 59, ,
21:55z EI9JU 14MHZ SSB 58 sent 59, ,
21:57z KC9PTD 14MHZ SSB
22:00z DL1MDU 14MHZ SSB
22:02z MI0SAI 14MHZ SSB
22:03z ON4CMT 14MHZ SSB What a pleasure this contact was a regular in the log for months! Nice to hear he is keen on collecting W2 summits!, ,
22:10z M0AID 14MHZ SSB 56-sent 59, ,
22:14z OE5HCE 14MHZ SSB 53- sent 59, ,
22:14z UU4JXM 14MHZ SSB 57- sent 59 to Ken

W2/OE5EEP Log:

Time Call Band Mode Notes
21:45z G4OBK 14MHZ SSB Phil
21:47z G4OBK 10MHZ CW
22:10z HA7UG 14MHZ CW
22:13z G4OBK 14MHZ CW also here
22:19z ON4CMT 14MHZ CW
22:20z DL1MDU 14MHZ CW
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