This is my first video.
Not very good quality, the next will be better.

Is the Joar mountain with reference EA2/VI-004, 1419 m. in the Basque country.
Activation VHF SSB and FM.
Operators: EA2DNO and EA2DCA.
Until next time.

More photos of my activations in:

More photos of this activations in:

Summit Information for EA2/VI-004 Joar – 1419m, 6 points
Association: Spain (North – EA2) Region: Alava
Latitude: 42 38 8 N, Longitude: 2 20 49 W


Time Call Band Mode Notes
13:00z EA2CNC 144MHz SSB
13:01z EA2NN 144MHz SSB
13:01z EA2BER 144MHz SSB
13:02z EA2DR 144MHz SSB
13:02z EB2NH 144MHz SSB
13:05z EA2DXR 144MHz SSB
13:06z EA2VE 144MHz SSB
13:06z EA2DPS 144MHz SSB


Time Call Band Mode Notes
13:15z EB2DJB 144MHz FM
13:17z EA2DXO 144MHz FM
13:19z EA2RC 144MHz FM
13:19z EB2GEV 144MHz FM
13:20z EA2TW 144MHz FM
13:21z EB2DVY 144MHz FM
13:21z EA2DVN 144MHz FM
13:21z EA2DJK 144MHz FM
13:22z EA2CTB 144MHz FM
13:24z EA2MKR 144MHz FM
13:25z EC2AG 144MHz FM
13:26z EB2BXL 144MHz FM
13:27z EB1FGO 144MHz FM
13:46z EA2CSM 144MHz FM
13:49z EA2CNC 144MHz FM
13:50z EA2DR 144MHz FM
13:51z EA2AAK 144MHz FM


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