SOTA – Amateurfunk am Damberg (807m)

Zwei Funkamateure, OE5DEM Sebastian und OE5HCE Christian, erzwingen den Damberg um ca. 15:00 UTC. Von dort aus wurden einige QSO’s in ganz Europa getätigt. SOTA – Summits On The Air for ever!!!

Two radio amateurs, Sebastian OE5DEM and OE5HCE Christian activate the Damberg for SOTA at about 15:00 on 29th May 2010 UTC. From there, a few QSO’s were made in Europe. SOTA – Summits on the Air for ever!

Summit Information for OE/OO-118 Damberg – 807m, 2 points
Association: Austria Region: Oberösterreich
Latitude: 48 0 12 N, Longitude: 14 27 35 E
Locator: JN78fa


Time Call Band Mode Notes
15:00z OE5IRO 144MHz FM 59 Inge
15:02z OE5RTP 144MHz FM 59 Peter
15:08z G0RQL 14MHz SSB 59 Don
15:12z M0BKV 14MHz SSB 55
15:13z G0TRB 14MHz SSB 55
15:15z G1LAT 14MHz SSB 57
15:16z OE5REO 14MHz SSB 45 Martin
15:20z UA1ZKW 14MHz SSB 55
15:22z ON5CMB 14MHz SSB 57


Time Call Band Mode Notes
15:27z OE2BAM 144MHz FM
15:30z DL4MHT 144MHz FM
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