SOTA F/PO-186 – Pic Arneille

Hello, Here is the link of the SOTA video of F/PO-186 from 7th March 2011.
All my best 73 Andre – f5ukl

Summit Information for F/PO-186 Pic d’Arneille – 1271m, 2 points
Association: France Region: Pyrénées Ouest
Latitude: 43 0 59 N, Longitude: 0 20 27 E

F5UKL/P Log:

Time Call Band Mode Notes
09:41z G4OBK 7MHz CW
09:43z G0BPU 7MHz CW
09:45z HB9MKV 7MHz CW
09:45z DL5ZG 7MHz CW
09:46z DJ5AV 7MHz CW
09:47z EA2EA 7MHz CW
09:48z DL3HXX 7MHz CW
09:50z DL6KR 7MHz CW
09:52z DL1FU 7MHz CW
10:00z ON4CAP 10MHz CW
10:01z F5SQA 10MHz CW
10:02z IZ1ELP 10MHz CW
10:03z DF5WA 10MHz CW
10:04z S51ZG 10MHz CW
10:05z OE7PHI 10MHz CW
10:07z DL6KR 10MHz CW
10:08z DL6KVA 10MHz CW
10:09z HB9CKV 10MHz CW
10:11z G4CMQ 10MHz CW
10:12z F5AKL 10MHz CW
10:16z HB9BHW 10MHz CW
10:17z S55DX 10MHz CW
10:19z DL4FCK 10MHz CW
10:20z I3VAD 10MHz CW
10:21z G4ELZ 10MHz CW
10:22z ON3ND 10MHz CW
10:37z OK1HCG 14MHz CW
10:38z G0TDM 14MHz CW
10:40z IK3DRO 14MHz CW
10:50z HA7UG 18MHz CW
10:51z HA5TI 18MHz CW
10:52z RA2FT 18MHz CW
10:54z 9A2SY 18MHz CW
10:55z UT2GW 18MHz CW
10:56z LZ3SM 18MHz CW
11:13z EC2DM 7MHz CW
11:23z LA8BCA 10MHz CW
11:24z OZ4RT 10MHz CW
11:26z DL4GN 10MHz CW
11:28z G0NUP 10MHz CW
11:29z DL8BED 10MHz CW
11:32z G4WSX 10MHz CW
11:33z G4SSH/A 10MHz CW
11:34z DL2EF 10MHz CW
11:35z G3WPF 10MHz CW
11:36z OE6WIG 10MHz CW
11:37z G4OOE 10MHz CW
11:38z F9NF 10MHz CW
11:40z DL5ZG 10MHz CW
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