ON4LN’s first SOTA activation

The first SOTA activation of Eric ON4LN on ON/ON-009 and the second summit DM/NW-258 on 25 April 2011.

Summit Information for ON/ON-009 Iverst – 690m, 8 points
Association: Belgium Region: Belgium
Latitude: 50 24 28 N, Longitude: 6 22 5 E

Summit Information for DM/NW-258 Weißer Stein – 689m, 6 points
Association: Germany (Low Mountains) Region: North Rhine-Westfalia
Latitude: 50 24 28 N, Longitude: 6 22 16 E

ON4LN ON/ON-009 (Iverst) Log:

Time Call Band Mode Notes
09:28z DF5WA 7MHz SSB
09:28z ON9CBQ 7MHz SSB
09:30z ON3JW/P 7MHz SSB
09:32z ON3FMB/P 7MHz SSB
09:33z OZ/DO1BEN 7MHz SSB
09:33z ON5EN 7MHz SSB
09:33z DJ5AV 7MHz SSB
09:33z DL3HXX 7MHz SSB
09:35z G3UXJ 7MHz SSB
09:35z DL3BRA 7MHz SSB
09:35z DL8YR 7MHz SSB
09:35z DL3JPN 7MHz SSB
09:35z HB9MKV 7MHz SSB
09:36z OE7HPI 7MHz SSB
09:36z ON7PX 7MHz SSB
09:36z ON4WIY 7MHz SSB
09:36z DG1HVL/P 7MHz SSB
09:36z DL8DXL 7MHz SSB
09:36z OK1SDE 7MHz SSB
09:36z ON4FI 7MHz SSB
09:37z EB2CZF 7MHz SSB
09:37z ON4CAS 7MHz SSB
09:37z IK2YXH 7MHz SSB
09:37z IK2VUZ 7MHz SSB
09:37z DL6KK 7MHz SSB
09:37z OE5IRO 7MHz SSB
09:37z ON4CCN 7MHz SSB
09:37z OE7HPI 7MHz SSB
09:47z OE8SPW 7MHz SSB
09:47z ON4EDM 7MHz SSB
09:47z M6NJB 7MHz SSB
09:47z ON8AZ 7MHz SSB
09:47z SP3J 7MHz SSB
09:48z PA0ALW 7MHz SSB
09:49z S51ZG 7MHz SSB
09:49z MM1HMZ 7MHz SSB
09:49z S52ON 7MHz SSB
09:50z DL2EF 7MHz SSB
09:50z DM2BR 7MHz SSB
09:51z G0TRB 7MHz SSB
09:54z ON4OOO/P 7MHz SSB
09:54z DB7MM 7MHz SSB
09:54z M0LEP 7MHz SSB
09:54z DL9AAS 7MHz SSB
10:15z EI2KD 14MHz SSB
10:20z IZ8OVM/P 14MHz SSB

ON4LN DM/NW-258 (Weißer Stein) Log:

Time Call Band Mode Notes
12:19z ON5EN 7MHz SSB
12:38z DL4LAX 7MHz SSB
12:38z DL4DCE 7MHz SSB
12:38z DL3BRA 7MHz SSB
12:38z DL1EKO 7MHz SSB
12:38z G4CRB 7MHz SSB
12:39z IZ2IHO 7MHz SSB
12:39z ON5LY 7MHz SSB
12:39z DJ5AV 7MHz SSB
12:40z OK2L 7MHz SSB
12:40z F4EPU 7MHz SSB
12:40z IK1DFH 7MHz SSB
12:40z 9A7W 7MHz SSB
12:41z DL1DVE 7MHz SSB
12:41z DL1HMS 7MHz SSB
12:42z HB9ALM 7MHz SSB
12:44z ON9CBQ 7MHz SSB
12:44z DL2EF 7MHz SSB
12:44z MM/HA5CW/P 7MHz SSB
12:44z PA3FIG 7MHz SSB
12:45z ON3GG 7MHz SSB
12:45z HB9CEX 7MHz SSB
12:46z ON7TWA 7MHz SSB
12:46z OK1SDE 7MHz SSB
12:47z IN3XUG 7MHz SSB
12:47z G3XQE 7MHz SSB
12:48z S54ZK 7MHz SSB
12:48z ON5EW 7MHz SSB
13:02z ON3JW 7MHz SSB
13:08z LY5G 7MHz CW
13:15z LA8BCA 7MHz CW
13:30z DL3HXX 7MHz CW
13:30z DL1FV 7MHz CW
13:34z ON3ND 7MHz CW
13:34z F6FT 7MHz CW
13:34z DJ5AV 7MHz CW
13:37z DL1NKS 7MHz CW
13:37z OM1AX 7MHz CW
13:38z DL1GZ 7MHz CW
13:38z SK9CGA 7MHz CW
13:43z G4CMQ 7MHz CW
13:43z PA9WDG 7MHz CW
13:43z DL7VKD 7MHz CW
13:45z G4SSH 7MHz CW
13:46z DL4CW 7MHz CW
13:46z ON9CBQ 7MHz CW
13:47z ON6WJ 7MHz CW
13:48z G9NUF 7MHz CW
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