SOTA activation by Luc ON6DSL and Xyl Annemie of ON/ON-024 – Bois Du Tour Du Coo near the waterfall of Coo on 1st May 2011. (BOTA Reference ON/SU-103 Mont De Coo)

Photographs can be viewed here.

Summit Information for ON/ON-024 Bois du Tour du Coo – 345m, 2 points
Association: Belgium Region: Belgium
Latitude: 50 23 25 N, Longitude: 5 52 6 E


Time Call Band Mode Notes
10:36z ON4BEM/P 7MHz SSB S2S ON/ON-001
10:44z GW7AAV 7MHz SSB
10:44z DL2DXA 7MHz SSB
10:45z DL8DXL 7MHz SSB
10:46z DK3WL 7MHz SSB
10:49z OK1GHZ 7MHz SSB
10:50z MW6BDV 7MHz SSB
10:51z ON3AGM 7MHz SSB
10:53z IK/OE7PHI 7MHz SSB
10:55z PA3FYG 7MHz SSB
10:56z GW4CQZ 7MHz SSB
10:57z OE5HFM 7MHz SSB
10:57z G0RQL 7MHz SSB
10:57z DJ0GM 7MHz SSB
10:58z 9A7W 7MHz SSB
10:59z DJ5AV 7MHz SSB
11:05z ON6AW 7MHz SSB
11:10z ON5CMB/P 14MHz SSB S2S ON/ON-014
11:15z EA1AOM 14MHz SSB
11:17z EA4DTV 14MHz SSB
11:20z HA7UG 14MHz SSB
11:21z S58AL 14MHz SSB
11:21z EA7HW 14MHz SSB
11:22z EB2CZF 14MHz SSB
11:35z OE/DL9MDI/P 7MHz SSB S2S OE/SB-259
11:50z GR0LGS/P 7MHz SSB S2S G/WB-022
11:54z GM4COX/P 7MHz SSB S2S GM/SS-165
11:55z MR3WDS/P 7MHz SSB S2S G/WB-022
11:58z ON3DSN 7MHz SSB
12:10z ON4EDM 7MHz SSB
12:15z ON6BM 7MHz SSB
12:16z OE7HPI 7MHz SSB
12:20z ON3FMB/P 7MHz SSB S2S ON/ON-018
12:20z DL3EF 7MHz SSB
12:30z M/HA5CW/P 7MHz SSB NOT S2S
12:31z GR4ELZ 7MHz SSB
12:34z HB9MKV 7MHz SSB
12:35z DL9KI 7MHz SSB
12:36z MR3XIE 7MHz SSB
12:39z HB9AGH 7MHz SSB
12:40z MW6BDV 7MHz SSB
12:42z DL3HXX 7MHz SSB
12:42z OE5FSL 7MHz SSB
12:43z IK3DRO 7MHz SSB
12:44z DD2TC 7MHz SSB
12:45z ON7KJW 7MHz SSB
12:48z DD6DO 7MHz SSB
12:51z MR0YDH 7MHz SSB
12:53z G0TRB 7MHz SSB
12:54z DG1GHS 7MHz SSB
12:55z HB9SGU 7MHz SSB
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