ORI mountain SOTA

Hello. This is an activation from ORI mountain, 2017 meters. SOTA EA2/NV-003 , 10 points, in the Pyrenees of Navarre on the border between Spain and France on 21st May 2011.

The mountain is in beautiful countryside on the borders of the Basque Country. It is the first mountain in the Pyrenees to overcome the 2000 meters.

The activity was made out by EA2DNO, Iratxe and EA2DCA, Alberto.

We use a Yaesu FT-857 transceiver, 12V. 7A Battery and MP-1 antenna for HF and Yaesu FT-23 walkie talkie and 2 elements portable antenna for VHF.

You can see more photos of the activity on: http://www.irratimendi.com/ori-2017m-sota-ea2nv-003/

Sorry about my English, I only speak Basque and Spanish.

Thank you very much to all and until next time.

73 an SOTA!!

Summit Information for EA2/NV-003 Ori – 2017m, 10 points
Association: Spain (North – EA2) Region: Navarra
Latitude: 42 59 23 N, Longitude: 1 0 17 W


Time Call Band Mode Notes
09:56z EA2RC 7MHz SSB
09:56z EA2ARU 7MHz SSB
09:57z EA2PR 7MHz SSB
09:57z EA2JB 7MHz SSB
09:58z EA2DXR 7MHz SSB
09:58z EA2ATL 7MHz SSB
10:02z EA2EX 7MHz SSB
10:02z EC2DM 7MHz SSB
10:06z EA4DTV 7MHz SSB
10:07z EA4ESP 7MHz SSB
10:08z EA1DFP 7MHz SSB
10:08z EA4EQF 7MHz SSB
10:08z EA2DPA 7MHz SSB
10:09z EA7JDJ 7MHz SSB
10:10z EA1HDD 7MHz SSB
10:11z IK1GPG 7MHz SSB
10:11z F4FQF 7MHz SSB
10:12z EB2CZF 7MHz SSB
10:12z EA1TO 7MHz SSB
10:15z DF5WA 7MHz SSB
10:16z EA7HDS 7MHz SSB

EA2DNO/P log:

Time Call Band Mode Notes
09:17z EA2JB 144MHz FM
09:17z EA2RC 144MHz FM
09:18z EA2DXR 144MHz FM
09:18z EA2ARU 144MHz FM
09:19z EB2FDT/P 144MHz FM SOTA: EA2/SS-024
09:20z EB2GEV 144MHz FM
09:20z EA2EX 144MHz FM
09:21z EA2PR 144MHz FM
09:21z EB2CZF 144MHz FM
09:21z EB1FGO 144MHz FM
09:22z F5OPV 144MHz FM
09:23z EC2DM 144MHz FM
09:24z EA2DAK/P 144MHz FM
09:25z EA2EA/P 144MHz FM
09:26z EA2ATL 144MHz FM
09:27z EA2KB 144MHz FM
09:28z EA1BJX 144MHz FM
09:32z EB2AFU 144MHz FM
09:33z F6CXJ 144MHz FM
09:34z EA2NN 144MHz FM
09:35z EA2DVN 144MHz FM
09:35z EA2DJK 144MHz FM
09:36z EA2CTA 144MHz FM
09:38z EA2DYM 144MHz FM
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1 Response to ORI mountain SOTA

  1. Andre says:

    Hello to the team
    I can read that I’m not in your log.
    We did qso on 145525 FM at UTC 0945.
    Best 73
    Andre – f5ukl

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