SOTA – Amateurfunk am Sparafeld (2.247m)

SOTA activation of OE/ST-047 Sparafeld by Christian OE5HCE on 09th July 2011.

Summit Information for OE/ST-047 Sparafeld – 2247m, 10 points
Association: Austria Region: Steiermark
Latitude: 47 32 59 N, Longitude: 14 31 49 E
QTH Locator: JN77GN

OE5HCE log:

Time Call Band Mode Notes
06:30z OE6YFE 144MHz FM 59, 59
06:38z DL5RDT/P 144MHz FM 55, 45
06:41z DL9RC 144MHz FM 59, 59
06:47z OE5VIP 144MHz FM 59, 59
06:48z OE5MJL 144MHz FM 59, 59
06:50z OE6SFG 144MHz FM 59, 59
06:56z DL6XAT 7MHz SSB 53, 55
07:01z F5LMK 7MHz SSB 59, 59
07:04z F5LWF 7MHz SSB 59, 59
07:07z DL8NBG 7MHz SSB 59, 59
07:12z IZ1JKH 7MHz SSB 58, 59
07:14z I0SSW 7MHz SSB 59, 59
07:15z IW4DV 7MHz SSB 59, 59
07:17z DM5CT 7MHz SSB 59, 59
07:19z IK1GPG 7MHz SSB 59, 59
07:19z DL8RBS 7MHz SSB 59, 59
07:20z IK/OE7PHI 7MHz SSB 59, 59
07:21z IN3XUG 7MHz SSB 59, 59
07:22z IK0VBT 7MHz SSB 59, 59
07:23z HB9DLO 7MHz SSB 59, 59
07:24z IK2VUC 7MHz SSB 59, 59
07:25z F4CTJ 7MHz SSB 57, 59
07:25z DK8FA 7MHz SSB 59, 59
07:26z 9A6NDD 7MHz SSB 59, 59
07:27z DC4RU 7MHz SSB 59, 59
07:27z HA7UG 7MHz SSB 59, 59
07:28z DL2LRT 7MHz SSB 58, 59
07:29z DL4JWU 7MHz SSB 59, 59
07:30z OE6BWG 7MHz SSB 59, 59
07:32z S58MU 7MHz SSB 59, 59
07:32z G4OBK 7MHz SSB 59, 59
07:33z HA5TI 7MHz SSB 57, 59
07:33z DG7JB 7MHz SSB 59, 59
07:34z DG2MEL 7MHz SSB 59, 59
07:34z F8CZI 7MHz SSB 59, 59
07:34z HB9AGH 7MHz SSB 55, 59
07:35z HB9MKV 7MHz SSB 57, 59
07:35z OK2KR 7MHz SSB 59, 59
07:36z ON4CB 7MHz SSB 59, 59
07:36z DJ1SD 7MHz SSB 55, 55
07:37z S57CI 7MHz SSB 57, 59
07:38z DJ5AV 7MHz SSB 59, 59
07:38z S51ZG 7MHz SSB 58, 59
07:39z OE6MMF 7MHz SSB 59, 59
07:41z OK1AU 7MHz SSB 59, 59
07:42z DF5WA 7MHz SSB 59, 59
07:43z ON5QRP 7MHz SSB 57, 59
07:44z M0BVE 7MHz SSB 53, 55
07:44z DL3HXX 7MHz SSB 59, 59
07:45z G4NSX 7MHz SSB 45, 53
07:46z DL2HWI 7MHz SSB 59, 59
07:47z LA8WF 7MHz SSB 33, 59
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VA2EPR & VA3SIE SOTA Activation of Pic McKinstry

Tom VA2EPR and Martin VA3SIE hike the Lusk Falls Trail to activate McKinstry Peak (Pic McKinstry), a Summits On The Air (SOTA) summit in Gatineau Park in Quebec, near Ottawa.

Date: 11th June 2011
Time: 1500Z
Summit: VE2/OU-003
Activators: Tom VA2EPR, Martin VA3SIE
Blog Entry: Click here
Bands/Mode: 20m & 40m CW

Summit Information for VE2/OU-003 Pic McKinstry – 422m, 2 points
Association: Canada(Quebec) Region: Outaouais
Latitude: 45 33 27 N, Longitude: 75 58 2 W

VA3SIE log:

Time Call Band Mode Notes
15:30z W4MPS 14MHz CW Thanks Marc, Hope to work you when you are /P in Éire some day!
15:32z NG9D 14MHz CW Super signal!
15:34z W7CNL 14MHz CW Nice to work you again, Jack!
15:36z W5ESE 14MHz CW Thanks, Scott. I love your Wilderness QRP website!
15:40z KT5X 14MHz CW Nice to work a fellow activator…
15:50z K4QS 14MHz CW Thanks for S2S, Chuck. Hope you had fun on the Pinnacle W4/SH-005
16:40z KE5AKL 14MHz CW Another fellow activator 🙂
16:45z KG8YT 7MHz CW Hmm, I *think* this was 40m… correct me if wrong please!
16:50z W4HEX 14MHz CW Nice long QSO, Thanks Will.
17:15z NS7P 14MHz CW Thanks Phil!

VA2EPR log:

Time Call Band Mode Notes
15:29z K2VY 7MHz CW
16:05z WB9WHQ 14MHz CW
16:12z K4QS 7MHz CW Summit to Summit (VE2/OU-003 to W4/SH-005)
16:30z NS7P 14MHz CW
16:35z W5ESE 14MHz CW
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SOTA Activation – Beinn a’ Mhanaich – GM/SS-066

On Saturday 4th June 2011, Alan 2M0TXY and Scott MM6SWC activated Beinn a’ Mhanaich for Summits on the Air.

Summit Information for GM/SS-066 Beinn a’Mhanaich – 710m, 4 points
Association: Scotland Region: Southern Scotland
Latitude: 56 6 46 N, Longitude: 4 47 8 W
Grid Reference: NS 269946, QTH Locator: IO76OC

2M0TXY log:

Time Call Band Mode Notes
12:05z GM7GAX 144MHz FM BOBBY – 5/9
12:10z MM1BJP 144MHz FM ALLAN – 5/2
12:15z GM0WNR 144MHz FM ALEX – 5/9
12:40z MM3DDQ 144MHz FM PAUL – 5/9
12:45z 2M0IOB 144MHz FM RODDY S2S – 5/9
12:50z MM6WER 144MHz FM JAMES – 5/7
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HL/GW-001 Seoraksan activation shots


This was an outing with the Korea QRP Club to Seoraksan (Mt) Daecheongbong (peak, 1708m), in Gangwondo Province.

The summit was activated by 6K5ZLH & HL4/W2VLA (the others having operated below AZ at the shelter).

Departure from Seoul 20110604 @2300 KST/1400UTC, start on trail (from Osaek Yaksu, 5 color spring) 20110605 @0300 KST/1800UTC, arrival at Daecheongbong @0645 KST/2145UTC, activation from 0722-1138 KST/20110604 2222-20110605 0238UTC, lunch, departure from shelter @1300 KST/0400UTC, arrival at Hangyeryeong @1900 KST/1000UTC. Arrival at Seoul 20110606 @0030 KST/1530UTC.

Video shot by HL1KKC. Also in video: DS1GKD, HL1KKC, XYL, HL1EEK, YB, HL1WOU, DS1QQA, DS3FYW, HL2KDT, 6K5ZLH, HL4/W2VLA

Additional photos via the links: Photo 1, Photo 2, Photo 3, Photo 4

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Midnight QRP Hike to the summit “Dønnamannen” (SOTA: LA/NL-038) Dønna Island EU-062

We are on Dønna Island near the arctic circle north-west cost of Norway, the month is July 2009.
Started this hike just after midnight and used about 2 1/2 hours to the top. A hard trip with 15kg in the pack pack. Radio equipment I was using was the Icom IC-703 and the Buddipole multiband dipole antenna. Many nice contacts were made, among them was; VA7XX from BC Canada, a distance of 5845 km (3632 miles) all contacts were made with 5 watt output.

73’s from LA3DNA Leif

Summit Information for LA/NL-038 Dønnmannen – 856m, 2 points
Association: Norway Region: Nordland
Latitude: 66 2 50 N, Longitude: 12 23 43 E

Note: This video shows a trip pre SOTA in Norway to what is now a summit in the program – LA/NL-038 Dønnmannen. This summit has yet to be activated for SOTA as of 28/5/2011.

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F/AM-578 – Chaîne de la Sainte-Baume

SOTA of F/AM-578 – Signal des Béguines by Roger F5LKW and Maya on 2nd August 2008.

Summit Information for F/AM-578 Chaîne de la Sainte-Baume – 1148m, 2 points
Association: France Region: Alpes Méridionales
Latitude: 43 20 18 N, Longitude: 5 48 10 E
Locator: JN23VI

F/AM-578 Album (24/11/2009) by F5LKW/p

F/AM-578 Album (02/08/2008) by F5LKW/p

F5LKW/p log:

Time Call Band Mode Notes
07:59z HB9AGH 7MHZ CW
08:00z F6ICG 7MHZ CW
08:03z DJ5AV 7MHZ CW
08:04z OM1AX 7MHZ CW
08:05z DF5WA 7MHZ CW
08:07z G4ELZ 7MHZ CW
08:09z ON4ON 7MHZ CW
08:10z G4OBK 7MHZ CW
08:14z 9A7W 7MHZ CW
08:16z F6GEO 7MHZ CW
08:18z DL7VKD 7MHZ CW
08:20z DL2EF 7MHZ CW
08:22z HB9AAQ 7MHZ CW
08:24z DJ5AA 7MHZ CW
08:26z HB9DOT 7MHZ CW
08:28z DL4FCK/P 7MHZ CW
08:30z F5NEP 7MHZ CW
08:32z HB9RE 7MHZ CW
08:35z DL2KDW 7MHZ CW
08:37z OK1AOV 7MHZ CW
08:39z OK1HCG 7MHZ CW
08:41z SM6CMU 7MHZ CW
08:43z DL6FAX 7MHZ CW
08:45z DL8YR 7MHZ CW
08:47z G4SSH 7MHZ CW
08:49z DF2PI 7MHZ CW
08:51z HB9AFI 7MHZ CW
08:53z SM3TLG 7MHZ CW
08:55z F5LWF 7MHZ CW
08:59z DL8DXL 7MHZ CW
09:01z DL5AMF 7MHZ CW
09:05z SM1CXE 7MHZ CW
09:07z F6EFI 7MHZ CW
09:11z DL6KVA 7MHZ CW
09:13z G3WPF 7MHZ CW
09:16z F6ACD 7MHZ CW
09:21z G3RDQ 7MHZ CW
09:24z DL3VTA/P 7MHZ CW DM/SX-225
09:26z DL7RAG 7MHZ CW
09:28z F5MQW 7MHZ CW
09:31z F6ENO 7MHZ CW
09:34z I5SFU 7MHZ CW
09:36z DL7ULM 7MHZ CW
09:38z HB9CUE 7MHZ CW
09:41z OE6DK 7MHZ CW
09:43z HB9CMI/P 7MHZ CW
09:44z S51ZG 7MHZ CW
09:45z G4CMQ 7MHZ CW
09:48z F8DGF 7MHZ CW
09:50z OK1ZE 7MHZ CW
09:52z GW0DSP 7MHZ CW
09:55z DL9SXX 7MHZ CW
09:57z OK1KT 7MHZ CW
09:59z DL1DVE 7MHZ CW
10:01z DL3JPN 7MHZ CW
10:03z G4CPA 7MHZ CW
10:05z GM0BPU/P 7MHZ CW
10:09z G4WSX 7MHZ CW
10:13z DL4MFM/P 7MHZ CW DM/SX-032
10:24z G4SSH 7MHZ CW
10:28z DJ3AX/P 7MHZ CW DM/TH-100
10:30z HB9RE 7MHZ CW
10:32z S51ZG 7MHZ CW
10:35z HA3FZ 7MHZ CW
10:40z SM6BSK 7MHZ CW
10:42z G3OKA 7MHZ CW
10:45z G4WSX 7MHZ CW
10:52z OE1HFC 7MHZ CW
10:59z HB9AGH 7MHZ CW
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F/AM-578 – Massif de la Sainte-Baume

SOTA and WFF activation of F/AM-578 РSignal des B̩guines by Roger F5LKW and Maya on 26th May 2011 combined with some GeoCaching.

SOTA: F/AM-578 РSignal des B̩guines.
WFF: FFF-111 – Massif de la Sainte-Baume
GeoCaching: GC1PR55 + GC1PR59 + GC1PR5A + GC1PR5C

Summit Information for F/AM-578 Chąne de la Sainte-Baume Р1148m, 2 points
Association: France Region: Alpes Méridionales
Latitude: 43 20 18 N, Longitude: 5 48 10 E

F/AM-578 Album (24/11/2009) by F5LKW/p

F/AM-578 Album (02/08/2008) by F5LKW/p

F5LKW/p log:

Time Call Band Mode Notes
10:46z G4ELZ 10MHz CW
10:48z PA0WLB 10MHz CW
10:49z DJ5AV 10MHz CW
10:50z OE7PHI 10MHz CW
10:51z F5SQA 10MHz CW
10:52z DL3JPN 10MHz CW
10:53z EC2DM 10MHz CW
10:55z HA7UG 10MHz CW
10:57z DL4FDM 10MHz CW
10:58z DL3HXX 10MHz CW
10:58z G4SSH 10MHz CW
11:02z F1AKK/P 10MHz CW
11:03z S51ZG 10MHz CW
11:05z EA1DFP 10MHz CW
11:06z DL1FU 10MHz CW
11:08z F6KHM 10MHz CW
11:10z HB9BQU 10MHz CW
11:12z 9A4OE 10MHz CW
11:13z F8AAB 10MHz CW
11:23z OZ4RT 14MHz CW
11:28z G4ELZ 14MHz CW
11:28z G4SSH 14MHz CW
11:30z LA8BCA 14MHz CW
11:35z HA5CW 14MHz CW
11:35z SP7SZC 14MHz CW
11:37z G0TDM 14MHz CW
11:43z ON9CBQ 14MHz CW
11:47z MW0BBU 14MHz CW
11:48z DF5WA 14MHz CW
11:51z F6EWB 14MHz CW
11:53z S58AL 14MHz CW
11:54z LZ3SM 14MHz CW
12:03z DF5WA 10MHz CW
12:05z G3OKA 10MHz CW
12:08z HB9CUE 10MHz CW
12:10z F5TDB 10MHz CW
12:12z HB9BIN 10MHz CW
12:14z OK1EQ 10MHz CW OK/US-017
12:17z HB9CGA 10MHz CW
12:18z DL5BTE 10MHz CW
12:19z G3VXJ 10MHz CW


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Activation of four SOTA summits in one day by Roger F5LKW and Gérald F6HBI

Date: 19/05/2011 – 25 Kms entre Chasteuil et Les Chauvets.
1 РSommet de Pr̩ Chauvin ( 1741 m ).
2 РCr̻te de Berb̬ne ( 1771 m ).
3 – Le Mourre de Chanier ( 1930 m ).
4 – Le Chiran ( 1905 m )

Summit Information for F/AM-389 Sommet de Pr̩ Chauvin Р1741m, 4 points
Association: France Region: Alpes Méridionales
Latitude: 43 51 19 N, Longitude: 6 25 11 E

Summit Information for F/AM-381 Cr̻te de Berbene Р1771m, 6 points
Association: France Region: Alpes Méridionales
Latitude: 43 50 37 N, Longitude: 6 23 55 E

Summit Information for F/AM-356 Mourre de Chanier – 1930m, 6 points
Association: France Region: Alpes Méridionales
Latitude: 43 50 32 N, Longitude: 6 21 7 E

Summit Information for F/AM-358 Le Chiran – 1905m, 6 points
Association: France Region: Alpes Méridionales
Latitude: 43 52 8 N, Longitude: 6 19 5 E

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ORI mountain SOTA

Hello. This is an activation from ORI mountain, 2017 meters. SOTA EA2/NV-003 , 10 points, in the Pyrenees of Navarre on the border between Spain and France on 21st May 2011.

The mountain is in beautiful countryside on the borders of the Basque Country. It is the first mountain in the Pyrenees to overcome the 2000 meters.

The activity was made out by EA2DNO, Iratxe and EA2DCA, Alberto.

We use a Yaesu FT-857 transceiver, 12V. 7A Battery and MP-1 antenna for HF and Yaesu FT-23 walkie talkie and 2 elements portable antenna for VHF.

You can see more photos of the activity on:

Sorry about my English, I only speak Basque and Spanish.

Thank you very much to all and until next time.

73 an SOTA!!

Summit Information for EA2/NV-003 Ori – 2017m, 10 points
Association: Spain (North – EA2) Region: Navarra
Latitude: 42 59 23 N, Longitude: 1 0 17 W


Time Call Band Mode Notes
09:56z EA2RC 7MHz SSB
09:56z EA2ARU 7MHz SSB
09:57z EA2PR 7MHz SSB
09:57z EA2JB 7MHz SSB
09:58z EA2DXR 7MHz SSB
09:58z EA2ATL 7MHz SSB
10:02z EA2EX 7MHz SSB
10:02z EC2DM 7MHz SSB
10:06z EA4DTV 7MHz SSB
10:07z EA4ESP 7MHz SSB
10:08z EA1DFP 7MHz SSB
10:08z EA4EQF 7MHz SSB
10:08z EA2DPA 7MHz SSB
10:09z EA7JDJ 7MHz SSB
10:10z EA1HDD 7MHz SSB
10:11z IK1GPG 7MHz SSB
10:11z F4FQF 7MHz SSB
10:12z EB2CZF 7MHz SSB
10:12z EA1TO 7MHz SSB
10:15z DF5WA 7MHz SSB
10:16z EA7HDS 7MHz SSB

EA2DNO/P log:

Time Call Band Mode Notes
09:17z EA2JB 144MHz FM
09:17z EA2RC 144MHz FM
09:18z EA2DXR 144MHz FM
09:18z EA2ARU 144MHz FM
09:19z EB2FDT/P 144MHz FM SOTA: EA2/SS-024
09:20z EB2GEV 144MHz FM
09:20z EA2EX 144MHz FM
09:21z EA2PR 144MHz FM
09:21z EB2CZF 144MHz FM
09:21z EB1FGO 144MHz FM
09:22z F5OPV 144MHz FM
09:23z EC2DM 144MHz FM
09:24z EA2DAK/P 144MHz FM
09:25z EA2EA/P 144MHz FM
09:26z EA2ATL 144MHz FM
09:27z EA2KB 144MHz FM
09:28z EA1BJX 144MHz FM
09:32z EB2AFU 144MHz FM
09:33z F6CXJ 144MHz FM
09:34z EA2NN 144MHz FM
09:35z EA2DVN 144MHz FM
09:35z EA2DJK 144MHz FM
09:36z EA2CTA 144MHz FM
09:38z EA2DYM 144MHz FM
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SOTA – Amateurfunk am Weltstein (478m)

Christian OE5HCE – SOTA OE/OO-140 Weltstein 14th May 2011

diesmal mit CW-QSO’s (Telegrafie). Die OM’s waren sehr diszipliniert und haben sehr langsam gegeben (QRS), damit ich das auch fehlerfrei mitlesen konnte 😉

This time with CW QSO’s (Morse code). The OM’s were very disciplined and have been very slow (QRS), so I could read along and error-free 😉

Summit Information for OE/OO-140 Weltstein – 478m, 1 point
Association: Austria Region: Oberösterreich
Latitude: 48 17 48 N, Longitude: 14 36 33 E


Time Call Band Mode Notes
07:43z OE5PEN 144MHz FM 59, 59
07:49z OE5DSP 144MHz FM 59, 59
07:53z OE3DSB 144MHz FM 59, 59
07:57z OE5BFM 144MHz FM 59, 59
07:58z OE5HRP 144MHz FM 59, 59
08:03z OE5DSP 14MHz SSB 59, 57
08:03z OE3DSB 14MHz SSB 59, 59
08:07z EA4DTV 14MHz SSB 59, 59
08:08z RU3FN 14MHz SSB 59, 59
08:09z EA3EGB 14MHz SSB 55, 55
08:09z F5PLR 14MHz SSB 59, 59
08:10z SV2KGA 14MHz SSB 55, 59
08:11z EA2DNR 14MHz SSB 59, 59
08:11z EB2CZF 14MHz SSB 59, 59
08:11z G0RQL 14MHz SSB 59, 59
08:12z OH3GZ 14MHz SSB 59, 59
08:12z GI4DYE 14MHz SSB 59, 59
08:13z YO2MLM 14MHz SSB 59, 59
08:15z OZ4RT 14MHz SSB 59, 59
08:16z M0MOL 14MHz SSB 55, 59
08:16z LY5G 14MHz SSB 57, 53
08:16z CT1BQH 14MHz SSB 57, 57
08:17z EA1AOM 14MHz SSB 59, 59
08:18z LA6IRA 14MHz SSB 59, 59
08:22z EA2BBZ 14MHz SSB 59, 57
08:23z G3ZQQ 14MHz SSB 58, 59
08:24z RA3PCI 14MHz SSB 59, 59
08:24z UV5QQ 14MHz SSB 59, 59
08:27z EA1HWP 14MHz SSB 59, 57
08:27z M3XIE 14MHz SSB 59, 51
08:33z EA2LU 14MHz CW 599, 599
08:56z F8ACF 14MHz CW 599, 599
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