SOTA – Amateurfunk am Kitzsteinhorn (3.209m)

SOTA-activation on the highest clubstation in OE !!! (3.029m OE2XCP) 3 OM’s activated Kitzsteinhorn OE/SB-003 3.209m

Viele Funkamateure kamen der Fieldday-Einladung von Mandred OE2FKM nach und besuchten die höchstgelegenste Clubstation in OE auf 3.029m (OE2XCP). 3 OM’s Franz OE2SNL, Andreas OE7AJT und Christian OE5HCE aktivierten unteranderem auch das Kitzsteinhorn für SOTA. Marschzeit betrug zwischen 30 – 45min Gehzeit.

Many amateur radio operators came to the field day-by invitation and visited Mandred OE2FKM club’s highest station in OE to 3.029m (OE2XCP). 3 OM’s OE2SNL Franz, Andreas and Christian OE7AJT OE5HCE activated including the Kitzsteinhorn for SOTA. Walking time was between 30 – 45min walk.

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Summit Information for OE/SB-003 Kitzsteinhorn – 3209m, 10 points
Association: Austria Region: Salzburg
Latitude: 47 11 17 N, Longitude: 12 41 15 E
QTH Locator: JN67IE

OE5HCE log:

Time Call Band Mode Notes
11:08z OE7WIT 14MHz SSB 59, 59
11:08z OE7NJI 14MHz SSB 59, 59
11:08z OE7AJT 14MHz SSB 59, 59
11:10z IZ0EQF 14MHz SSB 59, 59
11:11z OE2FKM 14MHz SSB 59, 59
11:11z OE2XCP 14MHz SSB 59, 59
11:13z MX0MHC 14MHz SSB 47, 59
11:18z OH3GZ 14MHz SSB 55, 57
11:22z DL9YBY 14MHz SSB 59, 59
11:27z PA4M 14MHz SSB 58, 59
11:30z OE7HPI 14MHz SSB 33, 51
11:31z DL4YAR 14MHz SSB 57, 55
11:34z DK4MO 14MHz SSB 59, 59
11:41z OH5/DG2SBL 14MHz SSB 59, 59
11:43z M6KSS 14MHz SSB 57, 53
11:46z EA1AOM 14MHz SSB 57, 55
11:50z EA7PY 14MHz SSB 59, 59
11:52z OD5PY 14MHz SSB 59, 59
11:52z EA3GHZ 14MHz SSB 59, 59
11:52z EA3EGB 14MHz SSB 59, 53
11:53z ON4GB 14MHz SSB 59, 59
11:55z SA0APH 14MHz SSB 57, 59
11:56z G4MFX 14MHz SSB 59, 59
11:57z SM0MLZ 14MHz SSB 59, 59
11:57z G6ZMD/M 14MHz SSB 53, 51
11:58z ON6TF 14MHz SSB 58, 59
12:00z IW1QEA/P 14MHz SSB 59, 59

OE2SNL log:

Time Call Band Mode Notes
09:55z OE2ATN/P 144MHz FM
09:56z OE7PHI/P 144MHz FM
09:57z OE2KNN/P 144MHz FM
09:59z OE7NJI 144MHz FM
10:00z DK5NB 144MHz FM
10:01z DK6CQ 144MHz FM
10:02z DK4MO 144MHz FM
10:03z DL0NM 144MHz FM

OE7AJT log:

Time Call Band Mode Notes
09:53z OE2ATN 144MHz FM 5/9
09:55z OE7PHI/P 144MHz FM 5/9
09:57z OE2KNN 144MHz FM 5/9
09:58z OE7NJI 144MHz FM 5/9
09:59z DK5MB 144MHz FM 5/9
10:00z DK6CQ 144MHz FM 5/9
10:01z DK4MO 144MHz FM 5/9
10:02z DL0NM 144MHz FM 5/9
10:03z DO1NPF 144MHz FM 5/9
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