SOTA, Mont Ste Marie, Jul 23

Ante VA2BBW, Tom VA3EPR, Eric VA3AMX, Michel VE3EMB and Martin VA3SIE activate Mont Ste Marie in Quebec for Summits on the Air on July 23rd as VA2OTA.

Date: 23rd July 2011
Time: 1500Z
Summit: VE2/OU-001 (Mont Ste. Marie)
Activators: Eric VA3AMX, Ante VA2BBW, Michel VE3EMB, Tom VA2EPR, Martin VA3SIE
Blog Entry:
Bands/Mode: 6m SSB, 2m SSB, 20m & 40m CW

Summit Information for VE2/OU-001 Sainte-Marie – 560m, 2 points
Association: Canada(Quebec) Region: Outaouais
Latitude: 45 56 12 N, Longitude: 75 51 1 W


14:40z VA3MPM 144MHz FM
15:50z VA2SG 7MHz CW
16:00z W2EHD 7MHz CW Not sure of the callsign, was vry noisy
16:38z K0WVL 14MHz CW
16:43z KO7X 14MHz CW
16:53z WA0IT 14MHz CW
17:02z G3WPF 14MHz CW
17:05z NX8L 14MHz CW
17:11z VA2NB 14MHz CW

VA3AMX (VA2OTA) log:

Time Call Band Mode Notes
14:03z VA3QV 144MHz SSB Bob 59/59 FN25
14:35z VE3MPM/2 144MHz SSB Mike @ FN26
14:46z WA9PWP 14MHz CW 599/449 Paul/WIS
14:50z NS7P 14MHz CW 579/449 Phil @ OR
14:54z VA6FUN 14MHz CW 559/339 Mike
15:00z WB9WHQ 14MHz CW 599/549 Dan @ WIS
15:05z NM5S 14MHz CW 599/559
15:30z IK1GPG 14MHz CW 599/559
17:28z N0ZH 14MHz CW 449/539 Mike @ MO
17:55z OX3XR 14MHz CW 599/539


Time Call Band Mode Notes
14:03z VA3QV 144MHz SSB
14:20z WA2USA 14MHz CW
14:23z N4EX 14MHz CW
14:25z WA8REI 14MHz CW GRRRRRR!!!
14:33z KT5X 14MHz CW
14:35z W7CNL 14MHz CW
14:40z W9NRC 14MHz CW
15:30z K9QS 14MHz CW
15:38z VE7KBN 14MHz CW
15:50z N0ZH 14MHz CW
16:10z W4C/QRP 14MHz CW
16:14z W7QC 14MHz CW


Time Call Band Mode Notes
13:45z VA3QV 144MHz SSB
14:17z VA3QV 50MHz SSB
14:20z VA3MPM 50MHz SSB
14:24z VA3MPM 144MHz SSB
15:15z KE4I 14MHz CW
15:18z N5PJ 14MHz CW
15:21z W5ESE 14MHz CW
17:20z G3WPF 14MHz CW
18:55z VE3YYY 144MHz FM


Time Call Band Mode Notes
14:03z VA3QV 144MHz SSB FT-817 & Arrow
14:30z VA3MPM/VE2 144MHz SSB FT-817 & Arrow
17:00z VA3FUJ 7MHz CW Said ‘Hi’ to Ante *& tnx fer qsl, 2W KX1 to 88′ EDZ, RST 559 solid.
17:30z WN1E 7MHz CW KX1 at 800mW (backup batt) into 88′ EDZ, RST 339., QSB.
18:29z KK1W 7MHz CW VE3EMB’s MFJ Cub (900mW), 88′ EDZ got RST 539, QSB.
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