VA2EPR & VA3SIE SOTA Activation of Pic McKinstry

Tom VA2EPR and Martin VA3SIE hike the Lusk Falls Trail to activate McKinstry Peak (Pic McKinstry), a Summits On The Air (SOTA) summit in Gatineau Park in Quebec, near Ottawa.

Date: 11th June 2011
Time: 1500Z
Summit: VE2/OU-003
Activators: Tom VA2EPR, Martin VA3SIE
Blog Entry: Click here
Bands/Mode: 20m & 40m CW

Summit Information for VE2/OU-003 Pic McKinstry – 422m, 2 points
Association: Canada(Quebec) Region: Outaouais
Latitude: 45 33 27 N, Longitude: 75 58 2 W

VA3SIE log:

Time Call Band Mode Notes
15:30z W4MPS 14MHz CW Thanks Marc, Hope to work you when you are /P in Éire some day!
15:32z NG9D 14MHz CW Super signal!
15:34z W7CNL 14MHz CW Nice to work you again, Jack!
15:36z W5ESE 14MHz CW Thanks, Scott. I love your Wilderness QRP website!
15:40z KT5X 14MHz CW Nice to work a fellow activator…
15:50z K4QS 14MHz CW Thanks for S2S, Chuck. Hope you had fun on the Pinnacle W4/SH-005
16:40z KE5AKL 14MHz CW Another fellow activator 🙂
16:45z KG8YT 7MHz CW Hmm, I *think* this was 40m… correct me if wrong please!
16:50z W4HEX 14MHz CW Nice long QSO, Thanks Will.
17:15z NS7P 14MHz CW Thanks Phil!

VA2EPR log:

Time Call Band Mode Notes
15:29z K2VY 7MHz CW
16:05z WB9WHQ 14MHz CW
16:12z K4QS 7MHz CW Summit to Summit (VE2/OU-003 to W4/SH-005)
16:30z NS7P 14MHz CW
16:35z W5ESE 14MHz CW
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1 Response to VA2EPR & VA3SIE SOTA Activation of Pic McKinstry

  1. f5uklAndre says:

    Hello Martin and Tom
    Thanks for video and comments.
    Nice trail. Propagation is down on our side and i didn’t hear you both at all.
    Best 73 and i hope we’ll meet again.
    Yours Andre – f5ukl

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